The Ministry of Mentoring – Video

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In today’s world, it is difficult to have the kind of relationships God ordained. Relationships that foster our growth, hold us accountable, and encourage us to press toward healthy goals. The primary reason Christ-centered mentoring is desperately needed today is to supply positive relationships that are lacking in our culture.

This course will:

  • Define what we mean by mentoring
  • Identify various mentoring roles
  • Establish the Biblical foundations of mentoring
  • Help with understanding the purpose and value of story-telling in mentoring
  • Examine how we hold one another accountable in a mentoring relationship
  • Develop listening skills and
  • Put your learning together to formulate a Personal Commitment Plan for mentoring in your own church, organization or ministry

Instructors: Arthur Denyer and Michele Breene
Total Course Content: 5 hours 30 minutes


Module 1 - Defining Mentoring


Module 2 - The Biblical Foundations of Mentoring


Module 5 - Listening Skills in Mentoring


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