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Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity

The history of the world is full of terrible reprisals between different ethnic groups. It is sad to witness an increasingly divided world with growing reactions against globalization recoil into negative ethnocentric and nationalistic identities. Given our shared existence on earth, and above all our shared life in eternity, we believe God wants us to explore the understanding of other cultures as part of worshiping Him. If we approach our understanding this way, we will be in awe of the very creator of us all.

This course will:

  • Define culture, ethnicity and diversity

  • Show the Biblical foundations of diversity

  • Understand that God created ‘All People’

  • Explore the power of reconciliation and forgiveness

  • Define and understand ‘Missio Dei’ – Reconciliation as the Mission of God

Course Duration: 5 hours

After you have completed the course in its entirety, you can return back to this course page to receive a link to purchase the Final Exam for $9.95. After you have completed the Final Exam with a 75% score or higher, you will be given a link to download and print your certificate!

Download the workbook and save it to a location on your computer. Once you have downloaded the workbook you can then fill it in digitally on your computer or print it out and fill it in manually.

Click Here to download the Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity Workbook

Click Here to download the Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity Transcript Text

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